Hello, I'm Beth! I'm a supportive and enthusiastic software engineer interested in collaborating with like-minded team members to develop quality applications, implement comprehensive testing strategies, and assist in the timely completion of projects. I offer my strong communication skills and professional acumen, and value mentoring environments to promote team and personal development.

For me, passion is non-­negotiable. I am enthusiastic about solving puzzles and I strive to succeed equally as an individual and as part of a team. I fully believe that passionate people bring energy to their work and those they collaborate with, helping both achieve extraordinary outcomes.

I look forward to working with you soon!


DataStax Chaos In The Clouds Demo

This demo is to showcase DSE's ability to be continuously available under any circumstance and it has two parts: The Demo GUI application and khaosKatz. The Demo is a simple application that writes data into DSE, but if it misses a single write the application will crash. KhaosKatz will continously load random scenarios taking down different nodes and/or entire datacenters. The goal is to run the Demo application successfully even while khaosKatz starts taking things down ungracefully. (Github Readme)

DataStax GeoFinder Demo

The Geofinder application leverages DSE Search's geospatial, type-ahead, and facet query capabilities to provide the easy-to-use UI end users expect. As new POI data is added to the cluster, it will be indexed immediately and searchable as soon as it is ingested. (Github Readme)

Cox Automotive Scheduler

This simple scheduling program was built to demonstrate aptitude of React and Redux application syntax/logic and software development best practices (Github Readme)


Shakedown is a React/Node.js/Express server-rendered application to assist hikers in determining appropriate pack weight for their journey. Users can read about pre-selected pack supplies based on hike type, may inventory their existing gear for an optimal load weight, or choose to build their pack from scratch by entering and weighing each piece. A PostgreSQL database is leveraged to store user session information. (Github Readme)










Apache Cassandra


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